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Hi, we’re Simple Form

Our goal is to elevate the experience of living through design that evokes positive feelings. We aim to craft adaptable, understated, and enduring furniture items that seamlessly integrate into any environment.

We are dedicated to providing budget-friendly, top-notch products crafted in Europe, using genuine materials with traceable origins. With a diverse collection of over 50 unique designs, our objective is to spread happiness and comfort to numerous satisfied customers throughout Europe. We remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and environmentally conscious processes.


Simple Form envisions a world where lively colors and timeless designs come together to inspire a positive living experience. We position ourselves as a worldwide leader in providing accessible, carefully designed furniture that complements diverse lifestyles.

We aspire to consistently innovate, adjusting to evolving needs and embracing intelligent solutions, all while remaining dedicated to transparency and sustainable practices. Through cultivating a collaborative environment within our in-house design team, we aim to be pioneers in developing novel forms and materials that influence the future of furniture design.