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A unique round two-in-one table

One of the main elements in the living room is the sofa and coffee table. Spending time with friends is an activity that brings a lot of joy.

The things surrounding us at this moment must be “invisible” yet at the same time useful and fulfilling their purpose. If we add a unique appearance to this, the entirety will ensure that these moments remain in our memory for a long time.

But what should be included in such a dream coffee table?

Let’s analyze the mentioned features based on our PROSTO coffee table. We have created a table with a unique appearance for our customers. We wanted it to include, in our opinion, all the necessary characteristics that an ideal coffee table should have. A unique round two-in-one table.


Coffee table Prosto. The straight table is a coffee table consisting of two tables of different heights. Together they create one oval coffee table made of a board imitating walnut oak or wenge wood and high-quality stone that constitutes the top of this two-piece coffee table.

Our PROSTO coffee table has dimensions of 120 cm / 120 cm / 45 cm. The surface allows for hosting friends with delicious coffee. Additionally, we have enabled the separation of the table for convenient access to the items placed on it.

We’ve adjusted the table so that pastries accompanying coffee can be placed on a lower level. We decided to position coffee, as something we use more frequently, on a higher level.

Small children often enjoy playing in the company of their parents. Therefore, various table heights will allow for play and support when stacking blocks or playing with parents.

When creating furniture, we start with ergonomics, utility, and safety; only at the end do we strive for them to be beautiful. When designing the PROSTO coffee table, we combined all these elements into an incredible, unique, and beautiful coffee table. A table that can be customized in several color configurations.

We created our favorite table with a focus on family and friends gatherings. The goal we wanted to achieve was pleasant conversations over favorite coffee or tea. The stone top is intended to give a robust character, while the oval shape and the wooden-colored base aim to add warmth and a sense of safety in use.

See for yourself how our favorite coffee table looks in reality.

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